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New in 2020

April 2020 will see the launch of the Great Rock Bible discography section.

These will be available to subscribers only and more details of the launch date as well as the Platinum, Gold and Silver subscription schemes will follow.

Platinum Level
Platinum subscribers will receive 1 years full access to the discographies.

Gold subscribers will receive 3 months full access to the discographies.

Silver subscribers will receive 1 months full access to the discographies.


  1. Peter Hill

    Hiya….will the bible ever be issued as a physical book?
    I already have all your discographies and they’re some of my favourite possessions and I’m still regularly dipping into them as questions pop into my mind!
    Thanks for all the hard work

    1. Martin Strong

      Hi Peter,
      A recurring question indeed. Might do after I find a willing publisher. One thing to ask yourself: Isn’t the GRD/GRB here on this website; fully updated and a 100 times better than ye olde flawed tomes. Look out for my discographies mid-to-late April. You’ll wet your pants… or maybe not…

  2. Peter Hill

    Hiya Martin….thanks for the update. I’m already at that age where “pants wetting” is something I’m very aware of!!
    I appreciate that it must be more difficult to finance a hard copy of the bible but personally I’m more a physical type of chap i.e I prefer books to e-readers/ CDs & vinyl to downloads and generally find reading things on-line less interesting/absorbing but of course you have to do what is practical at your end.
    If the discographies happen to come out during the coronavirus i might take the month option and binge on them for a month as I don’t have much else to do at the moment due to this isolating!
    Anyway I hope you’re well and that everything goes to plan….cheers

    1. Martin Strong

      Hi Peter. Had fun reading your reply. I’m still avoiding spinning Staying Alive by the Bee Gees, but like you I’m self-isolating; good to hear you’re doing the same; it’s just these pesky joggers and construction workers I have to convince to stay in read my biographies/discographies. Anyhow, chin-chin – it’s grim up north but we’re used to it! Take care…

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