FOR SALE: funds needed to survive!

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If I can’t find a sponsor, or someone to work with on the website, needs be that I’ll have to succumb to garnering funds elsewhere. The site has plenty traffic but hardly any donators.
I’m moving house just after the new year (repossession! finally) – I need to downscale on furniture and other household items. I’ve giving a lot away to various organisations, but…
due to future lack of funds: mainly for Virgin Media, this Website, Spotify, magazines, electricity, community tax, necessities, et al, I’m trying to survive now and in the early months of 2016.

Monthly costs: Virgin Media package of Broadband, phone (at weekends) + basic TV (£35-£40) – no mobile!
Magazines (Record Collector) (£4.40)
Spotify Premium (£9.99)
Electricity in winter (living-room one-bar electric fire + cooker); gas cut off! – boiler/hot water (apart from kettle & shower) kaput since 2010 (£50-£60)
This Website (£10-£15+)
Food + Rent + community tax + clothes + miscellaneous (the minimum: depending on circumstances – tell more later)

reasonable offers invited for:
RECORD COLLECTORS (100s from way back in the 90s to 2014 available): make me a list of your wants – can sell in bulk or individually
NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (early-mid 00s +) as above
Kerrang!s (early-mid 00s +) as above
ROCK LPs (the book series from Germany; but in English)
more to come! including 45s, LPs, books, etc.

please contact me and I will send on further details to you
If you would like to sell any of your items, I can promote them here at a small cost – the circulation at the moment is 17,000 visits a month (and growing) – not bad eh!

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