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American ethereal electro-pop version of LANA DEL REY, LORDE or GRIMES, at least initially, teenage singer-songwriter sensation BILLIE EILISH was destined to become a global No.1 artist. Indeed, she was only 17 when her debut set achieved this feat, with almost every track from the album doing a sort of ED SHEERAN by taking up positions within the Hot 100.
Born Billie Pirate Baird O’Connell, December 18, 2001, Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, EILISH grew up within a talented bunch of thespians and musos (from Irish/Scots roots); her elder brother Finneas O’Connell was part of alt-rock/pop act, The Slightlys; it would be a Finneas song, `Ocean Eyes’ (and another `Six Feet Under’), that brought the former Los Angeles Children’s Chorus singer to the attention of Darkroom/Interscope Records at the turn of 2017.
Several download singles down the line, the then clean-cut BILLIE EILISH was beginning to make headway inside the fringes of the charts. But not yet ready to unleash a full set of songs, the likes of `Bellyache’, `Idontwannabeyouanymore’ and others (`i.e. `Watch’, `Copycat’ and `My Boy’) featured on the EP/mini-set, DON’T SMILE AT ME {*6}. Released in August 2017, but re-issued worldwide with extra bonus non-hits/hits (`&Burn’ with VINCE STAPLES and `Lovely’ with KHALID) in July/November the following year, the record finally bubbled under the Top 10 in both the US and UK.
Allowing her most eerie hits, `You Should See Me In A Crown’ and the sombre `When The Party’s Over’, to run over until they could be celebrated on her co-Finneas-penned/produced debut set, EILISH was fast-becoming a much in-demand artist and a favourite of trendy teenagers with an insight to a class genre-blurring act. Boosted by further smash hits, `Bury A Friend’, `Wish You Were Gay’ and the chart-topping `Bad Guy’, the devilish Billie’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? (2019) {*8} was the toast of the NME and other music rags. A hypnotic hybrid of hip hop, electro-pop and lounge-rock, the talented Ms. EILISH could rattle off downbeat episodes (`Xanny’, `I Love You’ and the EMINEM-esque `My Strange Addiction’) to sparkling upbeat pop (`All The Good Girls Go To Hell’, `8’ and `Ilomilo’).
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