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Best known to AM-pop/folk fans for at least one major hit, `Elusive Butterfly’, singer-songwriter BOB LIND (born Robert Neale Lind, November 25, 1942, Baltimore, Maryland) finally settled in Denver, Colorado after performing at various venues around the country. Signed to Liberty Records offshoot World Pacific, his aforementioned JACK NITZSCHE-produced debut single hit pay-dirt and No.5 on both sides of the Atlantic early in 1966; LEON RUSSELL played session piano. To many record-buying punters, its B-side (`Cheryl’s Goin’ Home’) was equally poignant, having been covered by so many acts from The BLUES PROJECT to SONNY & CHER, to JOHN OTWAY.
LIND’s follow-up, the double-A-sided `Remember The Rain’ and `Truly Julie’s Blues’ couldn’t match its predecessor, affecting sales of his debut LP, DON’T BE CONCERNED (1966) (*7}, a lushly-orchestrated folk-pop record that featured further fodder for other artists: KEITH RELF (`Mister Zero’), MARIANNE FAITHFULL (`Counting’) and the Gants (`Drifter’s Sunrise’).
To his understandable annoyance and without permission from LIND himself, the exploitative THE ELUSIVE BOB LIND (1966) {*3} was released by Verve Folkways, who’d unearthed tapes of the man (probably from 1964) and overdubbed instrumentation, drums and orchestra parts on the back of his earlier success; one of the songs was a version of DYLAN’s `The Times They Are A-Changin’.
Second set proper, PHOTOGRAPHS OF FEELING (1967) {*4}, was lambasted by critics and sold poorly, although once again his music was used by others to boost their early or flagging careers: `Remember The Rain’ became a POPPY FAMILY song, while `Go Ask Your Man’ was covered by NOEL HARRISON.
LIND virtually disappeared for a few years (he moved to New Mexico), only to return on Capitol Records in ’71 with album number three, SINCE THERE WERE CIRCLES (1971) {*5}. Embracing country-rock, although a tad late to jump on the bandwagon, the record was noted for its session players such as Bernie Leadon, GENE CLARK, Doug Dillard, Carol Kaye and producer Doug Weston (boss of the legendary Troubadour Folk Club). Opting to take a back seat from the music business, although he did numerous gigs on various occasions in the early 80s, Bob finally found time to lay down tracks for a “comeback” set, the self-released CD-R, LIVE AT THE LUNA STAR CAFE (2006) {*6}.
Exactly 41 years since his previous studio set, FINDING YOU AGAIN (2012) {*7} resurrected soft-rock/singer-songwriter folk with the aid of producer Jamie Hoover (of The SPONGETONES). Demos dressed up for the modern-day connoisseur, the shy and retiring LIND stepped out of the canyon to express a breezy-cool passion on highlights `Exeter (The Wedding Waltz)’, `How Dare You Love Me’, `Maybe It’s The Rain’, the title track et al.
Not so much an “Elusive Butterfly” in his twilight years, 2016’s MAGELLAN WAS WRONG {*7} was just the ticket to re-instate the man as one of the great singer-songwriters. Retaining Hoover, whilst roping in two artists from either side of the musical spectrum: Frank “Rat” Falestra from the world of experimental noise and, Greg Foat, somebody smooth jazz fans might know. Falling off the edge of the world not an option for the ageless BOB LIND, the man dropped his anchor at the bay of TOM PAXTON for a `Bottle Of Wine’, whilst long-time acolytes DION and RICHARD HAWLEY (by way of inner booklet) could wax lyrical the merits of gutsy opener `I Don’t Know How To Love You’, the heartbreaking `Outsider’s Dream’ and the yearning `I Turn To You’ and `You, Lola, You!’.
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