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Italian-born (24th March), London-based, folk-ish singer-songwriter EMMA TRICCA has been on the fringes of the scene since shaping her musical career on meeting solo artist JOHN RENBOURN. The said jazz-folk guitarist was happy to listen to a couple of songs, and also urged by the legendary ODETTA, her young teenage life took its own course in England (at first in Marlow, then in Oxford), after financial help from her scientist grandfather.
TRICCA surfaced with 2001’s low-key set, GYPSIES AND RED CHAIRS {*7}, for Fairylands Records. A little Laurel Canyon in aplomb (think MELANIE, ODETTA or CAROLYN HESTER), and a little squeaky and fragile, the sultry songbird roped in four musician friends to augment her on this fine but rare debut. Compared to the likes of ALELA DIANE, COCO ROSIE and other fresh female folk artists emerging on the New York scene (and in Texas), Emma still found it tough to break through from the pack. Then, in the summer of 2006, as she performed at the Green Man festival in Wales, Andy Votel and his solo singer-songwriter partner JANE WEAVER were impressed enough to sign the flowering TRICCA up to Twisted Nerve offshoot, Finders Keepers/Bird Records.
On the back of European gigs supporting mentor-of-sorts RENBOURN, the charming singer/songwriter/guitarist fully realised her ambitions through long-awaited follow-up album, MINOR WHITE (2009) {*7}. Described as a Sunday morning record in its pastel-shaped tales of the streets and the countryside, Emma could almost sweep her listeners back to the 60s when easy singer-songwriter music was in vogue; `All Along The Hudson’, `Paris Rain’, `Cobblestone Street’ and `Lost In New York’, perfect examples of her fresher-than-air folk-rock.
Whether the proverbial boat was missed when a five-year gap appeared up to 2014’s RELIC {*8}, the Giallo garlander grasped the nettle with chilled-out colour supplements such as `Sunday Reverie’, `Golden Chimes’, `Coffee Time’ and the solemn `The Painter’.
Although not a full-set, her `Southern Star’ (2016) collaboration with London-based artist JASON McNIFF, went down well with the attentive folk fraternity as both artists geared up for gigs twinned with The GENTLE GOOD.
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