Pete Zorn

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With a unique name that can confusingly get filed under Bill Zorn (his older brother and member of the new KINGSTON TRIO) or even avant-jazzer JOHN ZORN, American multi-instrumentalist PETE ZORN (born 29th May 1950, Somerset in Pennsylvania) has had a chequered career in folk music since his arrival in London in the early 70s.
Together with husband and wife Gary and Paula Fishbaugh, C.B.S. signing FISHBAUGH FISHBAUGH & ZORN {*6} released their one-off self-titled LP in 1972, a record lying somewhere between FRASER & DeBOLT and JOY OF COOKING.
Duly relegated to the scenery somewhat, Pete was behind brother-in-law Paul Phillips and his motley crew Driver 67 on a surprise Top 10 hit `Car 67’ in early ’79; the pair subsequently formed Tax Loss (album `Hey Mister Record Man’). In 1980/81, Pete was a session man for bluegrass outfit Arizona Smoke Review (a quartet that was led by brother Bill and PAUL DOWNES), while over the forthcoming years he established himself as an integral part of SHOW OF HANDS, the PHIL BEER BAND, the RICHARD THOMPSON band, WAZ! and subsequently (between 2009-2015), STEELEYE SPAN. Sadly, Pete died of cancer on April 19, 2016.
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