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Formed at Exeter University, England in 1968 by hippie songwriters/musicians Belinda Bourquin (violin, keyboards and recorder), David Jones (percussion), Martin Stellman (vocals), Root Cartwright (guitar), and Jeremy Ensor (bass). They took the group name from the head honcho at their uni, setting sail on a multi-media trip with costumes, dancers and lightshows. Signing to John Peel’s Dandelion label, the PEMT released their original SOUNDTRACK (1969) {*7}, a record that highlighted the beautiful crystalline-clear vox of Vivienne McAuliffe. Space-folk or quasi-medieval for the Glastonbury set there was a heavy and haunting feel to at least three of the better tracks, `Sacrifice’, `Enigmatic Insomniac Machine’ and the 13-minute `The Death Of Don Quixote’.
Produced by PINK FLOYD’s Nick Mason (and adding drummer Roger Swallow), follow-up THE ASMOTO RUNNING BAND (1971) {*7} was an ambitious concept piece which didn’t quite live up to expectations, although their renaissance and Elizabethan-period pieces shone through by way of `Autumn Lady Dancing Song’, `Total Glycerol Esther’ and `McAlpine Versus The Asmoto’.
Only three original members (Jones, Bourquin and Cartwright) remained by the time the abbrieviated PRINCIPAL EDWARDS signed to Deram Records in 1973; newcomers were Nick Pallett, Richard Jones (from the CLIMAX BLUES BAND) and drummer Geoff Nichols. After two singles that year, ROUND ONE (1974) {*6}, wasn’t exactly the knock-out punch and they threw in the towel soon afterwards.
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