Prydwyn Olvardil Piper (his birth name apparently) is a pagan folk multi-instrumentalist who mainly plays harp, lute, cittern and a host of other Elizabethan/Jacobean musings while singing minstrel-like on many a fair tune. Over the span of twenty years or so, PRYDWYN has released a string of solo albums as well as appearing as GREEN CROWN and one-half of STONE BREATH. While the latter have their own entry, the acid-folk of solo PRYDWYN for example bears a canny resemblance to a Celtic-styled Wicker Man festival, primed ready for the picking would come through one of the four traditional tunes `The Death Of Young Andrew’ on the first official release AT THE FEET OF MARY MOONCOIN (1995) {*6}.
Of the GREEN CROWN material (which also comprised converts Jim “Barleycorn” Brewster, Diana McFadden, White Deer and Sherry Gibson), their only studio outing WASHED IN HER BLOOD (1998) {*7} was a delight to behold containing as it did covers of `Lady With A Fan’ (GRATEFUL DEAD), `See Emily Play’ (PINK FLOYD), `Pat’s Song’ (COUNTRY JOE McDONALD), `My God’ (JETHRO TULL) and `Three Is A Green Crown’ (The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND).
Fresh from his time spent with STONE BREATH, PRYDWYN and his Quickthorn consort slowed the pace down somewhat with a comeback set of sorts and oddball items by way of SOLITUDE OWES ME A SMILE (2009) {*6}, a definite one for the connoisseur of psych-folk meanderings featuring readings of PETER GREEN’s `Showbiz Blues’, The VELVET UNDERGROUND’s `Venus In Furs’ and DYLAN’s `Girl From The North Country’.
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