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Formed 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, the trio of bassist/organist Rik Shaw, sampler/turntablist Le Deuce (ex-Condeucent; with BOBBY CONN) and drummer Elliot Dicks (ex-THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS – apparently?) lasted only one album. Another experimental outfit to join the massed ranks of Thrill Jockey Records, ROME distinguished themselves from the post-rock pack by basing their futuristic, dreamy elements around a “live in the studio” space/echo-chamber dub sound. This was much in evidence on their John McEntire-engineered eponymous ROME (1996) {*7} set. For this the trio filtered disjointed ambient/synth textures through warped reverberating rhythms and disorientating effects, best served up on the epic, foamy and flexible bookenders `Leaving Perdition’ and `Deepest Laws’.
After an appearance on the `In Memoriam’ V/A compilation (on Mille Plateaux Records), the group were reduced to a duo following the departure of sticksman Dicks, who joined NERVES (and later The Novaks), before becoming an engineer. Shaw and Le Deuce managed only one further release under the banner of ROME: 1997’s 12-inch `Beware Body Snatchers’, although the pair turned up as Sons Of The Sun for a solitary Brit-only 12-inch `Heavenlamp’ (spring ’99). One can guess that they had to abandon their ROME moniker as not to be confused with R&B singer (alias Jerome Woods), who struck the Top 30 with an eponymous set for R.C.A. Records in ‘97.
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