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Sibylle Baier

A dancer, a songwriter, a painter, a budding actress, a seamstress, and moreover a devoted mother, German-born (b. 1950) Sibylle’s unique history might never have come to light but for her persistent son, Robby Baier, who, in 2004 lent the esteemed J MASCIS (head of Athens, Georgia-based Orange Twin records) her reel-to-reel tapes.
Recorded in her homeland between 1970-1973 and inspired by her trips to Strasbourg and the Swiss Alps, COLOUR GREEN (2006) {*7} surfaced some three decades later, and can only be described as dreamy and awe-inspiring. Although suffering immediate comparisons with LEONARD COHEN, VASHTI BUNYAN and NICO, light and delicate opening cues `Tonight’, `I Lost Something In The Hills’ and `The End’ created a melancholy intimacy rarely heard in today’s folk/pop stars. Choice cuts came courtesy of `Softly’ (about her daughter and son), the upbeat `Driving’, `Give Me A Smile’ and the wistful `Wim’.
Of late, Sibylle has contributed a one-off track, `Let Us Know’, to the 2008 movie soundtrack, `Palermo Shooting’; and if you can spot her radiant looks, she was “the woman” in the 1974 Wim Wenders film Stadten (`Alice In The Cities’).
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