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Born Steven Victor Tallarico, March 26, 1948, Manhattan, New York, monumental hard-rocker STEVEN TYLER has, for most of his adult life, spearheaded Boston’s best-loved combo, AEROSMITH. Also known as one half of the Toxic Twins (alongside bandmate/guitarist JOE PERRY), the outfit were America’s belated answer to The ROLLING STONES; JAGGER lookalike Steven had been an ardent disciple since meeting his idol in 1965 outside a hotel.
Signed to Columbia Records, AEROSMITH shook up the hard-rock and metal scene for most of the 70s; classic hit songs such as `Dream On’, `Mama Kin’, `Sweet Emotion’, `Walk This Way’ and `Draw The Line’ (from top-selling LPs), set them apart from KISS and the VAN HALENs of the day. Splitting toward the end of the decade due to an overload of drugs and alcohol consumption, but re-forming with a slightly revised line-up, the 80s were not so kind to AEROSMITH, until, that is… in 1986, when they teamed up with East Coast rappers RUN-D.M.C. for a one-off MTV-enhanced re-vamp of `Walk This Way’. Tyler, Perry and Co never looked back as `Dude (Looks Like A Lady)’, `Angel’ and `Love In An Elevator’ (the latter from the `Pump’ album), subsequently propelled the arena-rock act as numero uno superstars. The 90s were equally fruitful for the stratospheric AEROSMITH, whose big-lipped frontman drew in female fans by the boatload. From singles `Livin’ On The Edge’ to the filmic ballad, `I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ (from the movie Armageddon), the hard-livin’, hard-drinkin’, hard-rockin’ band were top of their game, and continued to be so post-millennium (the album `Music From Another Dimension’ was released to mixed reviews in 2012).
The private life of 4-octave tenor, harmonica-player and womaniser STEVEN TYLER was also out in the open for media gossip columns to pore over. While one would be best reading his “Rock’n’Roll Memoir”, Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?, he was married to Cyrinda Foxe from 1977 up until their divorce in 1987. He wed Teresa Barrick a year later, though they divorced in 2006. He’s fathered four children, the first of which, Liv, was born in 1977 to fashion model Bebe Buell. The mother claimed TODD RUNDGREN was Liv’s dad to hide her from the drug addiction lifestyle of Steven, but around a decade later, revealed the truth to her daughter, who went on to become actress/model Liv Tyler; Steven’s other children are Mia Tyler (born December 1978), Chelsea Anna Tallarico (born 1989) and his only son, Taj Monroe Tallarico (born 1991).
Down the line and on to STEVEN TYLER’s other life, he underwent throat surgery for a ruptured blood vessel in 2006, whilst in the same year, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Promising a solo album was in the pipeline, motor-mouth TYLER released a couple of download singles in the years 2010 and 2011. Probably to ensure some exposure from his initial introduction as a judge on American Idol (the tenth season), the Japanese-only `Love Lives’ (from sci-fi movie, Space Battleship Yamato) was left at the starting gate when `(It) Feels So Good’ hit the Top 40.
Finally, after signing a solo contract with Scott Borchetta’s reprised Dot Records, STEVEN TYLER created something of a stir and musical miscellany when issuing the Nashville-styled `Love Is Your Name’. Not as soft and lush as its title suggested, long-standing AEROSMITH fans with an axe to grind – probably Perry’s – might’ve found it cringe-worthy, but the ballad was something (Jon) BON JOVI had been doing for yonks. Still lending his sharp wit to that American Idol series hard-rock fans love to hate, the long-awaited, er… country album, WE’RE ALL SOMEBODY FROM SOMEWHERE {*5} was unveiled in July 2016. Top 20 on home-soil (No.1 on the Country lists!), there were limited metal scraps for discerning listeners to feast upon. Maybe two or three decades ago, when GARTH BROOKS and his ilk were ramming a new contemporary C&W down its righteous redneck path to Conservativism, this might’ve been the bees knees, but not for fucking “rock god”! STEVEN TYLER. The message was clear, the pot-pipe and slippers were toasting by the fireside, and the Toxic Twin was letting his former fans do their own throwing of TV sets from out the window. Nothing memorable to write home to Mama Kin about (save maybe crossover ballad, `Red, White & You’ and the edgy `The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & Me’), Steven confounded critics by destroying – here as addendum anchors – classic rock pieces, `Janie’s Got A Gun’ and `Piece Of My Heart’. Long live rock’n’roll!
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