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A case of take three girls (songwriter Terry Ann Tucker, Freya Lynn Hogue and Erika Melita Eigen), surround them with classically-trained musicians, and craft them into budding singers, all at a time in the late 60s when Carnaby Street was still an emporium of kooky kaftans and hideous hats. Like some refugees from the cast of the movie Smashing Time, or a Twiggy TV ad, London-based SUNFOREST were an unusual signing to Decca Records, albeit on their hippy-er offshoot Deram Nova imprint.
Augmented by producer Vic Smith and a plethora of mighty session players, mostly procured from the R.C.A. roster, including Big Jim Sullivan and Herbie Flowers, the youngsters surfaced from the studio with a positively eclectic debut LP. SOUND OF SUNFOREST (1970) {*7} was undeniably a cocktail of psychedelia and bubblegum-pop, while also verging into the folk-rock field of baroque’n’roll-ness; the opener, `Overture To The Sun’ for example, sampled composer Antaeus. Influenced by DONOVAN and American hitmakers, The ASSOCIATION or SPANKY & OUR GANG, the 15 tracks ranged from the breezy `Bonny River’ to the lush `Be Like Me’ and the childlike `Mr. Bumble’ and `Peppermint Store’; the countrified `Old Cluck’ takes a step too close to embarrassment. Not unlike the compositions of folk contemporary, MARY HOPKINS, `And I Was Blue’ recalled memories of The SEEKERS or PETER, PAUL AND MARY, while `Lady Next Door’ could well’ve stemmed from The MAMAS & THE PAPAS. More diverse highlights come by way of the funky `Magician Of The Mountain’, the NICO-esque `Lovely Day’ and the Gregorian-ish chant of `All In Good Time’, but it was the classy `(I Want To Marry A) Lighthouse Keeper’ that stole the show. Quirky, catchy and oddly amusing, an excerpt (alongside `Overture To The Sun’) featured in a subsequent WALTER/WENDY CARLOS classical take on the soundtrack of cult movie, A Clockwork Orange; most TV viewers will have heard it via a Marks & Spencers clothing ad featuring the aforementioned 60s icon, Twiggy.
Terry Tucker, herself, subsequently ventured outside of the capital via her work with the BBC and as a contributor (with her recent group, Treehouse) to America’s Children’s Radio Theater.
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