The Overlanders

Probably influenced at least by the success of The SEEKERS, the popular harmony folk-pop outfit The OVERLANDERS took their name from the drovers of Australia. Identified initially as a singles act (debuting with `Summer Skies And Golden Sands’), singer/guitarist Paul Arnold, singer/pianist Laurie Mason and singer/guitarist Peter Bartholomew (and a succession of drummers, Brian Middleditch, David Banks and David Walsh) released a string of several Tony Hatch-produced 45s, including a surprise US Top 75 entry, `Yesterday’s Gone’; bassist Terry Widlake had been added between 1964-65, mainly for singles `Long Came Jones’ and `Room Enough For Me And You’.
Of course, The OVERLANDERS will always be remembered for their effectively cloned version of LENNON-McCARTNEY’s `Michelle’, a UK No.1 in the first weeks of 1966. Sadly, their one and only album, MICHELLE (1966) {*5}, won nothing but disdain from critics, and a few flop singles later, the group were to be labelled in that prestigious category of one-hit-wonders. All members of the group (including newbies) settled into other, more psychedelic outfits after Ian Griffiths had superseded Arnold in late ‘66. Two years down the line, bassist Widlake had moved over for Mike Wedgwood; Walsh duly joined Second City Sound; Rick Wild maintained the group’s status, basing themselves in Huddersfield.
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