The Sun Also Rises

From the get-go (possibly late 60s), this Welsh duo were the pared-down equivalent of The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND or PETER, PAUL AND MARY (without Paul).
Cardiff-bred husband-and-wife team, songwriter Graham and Anne Hemingway, were one of the first folk outfits to materialise on fledgling The Village Thing imprint (an offshoot of Badminton-based Saydisc); their eponymous debut LP, THE SUN ALSO RISES (1970) {*6}, subsequently becoming very rare. Joined by label-mate session men John Turner and Andy Leggett from The PIGSTY HILL LIGHT ORCHESTRA, the album followed a magical, mystical tour of esoteric folk harmonies under a psychedelic, twee hippiedom. From opener `Until I Do’ (complete with ISB-like kazoo antics), to the sleep-inducing `Wizard Shep’, to the traditionally-led arrangement of `Death’, The SUN ALSO RISES earned themselves a miniscule piece of acid-folk history.
If not for the aforementioned ISB, DR. STRANGELY STRANGE, FOREST, TIR NA NOG and CLIVE PALMER’S C.O.B., the melodious duo just might’ve made it. Instead, while an unrecorded sophomore set disappeared into the musical ether, they also took flight, leaving behind a solitary track, `Fafnir And The Knights’ on the label’s 1972 V/A compilation, `Us’; available on the subsequent CD re-issue of their own album.
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