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Formed in Millbrae, San Mateo, California by Bob Bailey, Ned Hollis and female drummer Jan Errico, the latter kink had been tried and tested with long-gone Brit act The HONEYCOMBS. With lead guitarist Reese Sheets and bassist Frank Smith superseding Bob Cole and Rick Dey respectively, The VEJTABLES grew in stature and secured a residency at the Morocco Room in San Mateo, which in turn led to a deal with Autumn Records (home of the similarly-spun BEAU BRUMMELS).
Becoming quite a unique live attraction, the quintet surfaced with their debut 45, `I Still Love You’, which was grounded at No.84 for a few chart weeks towards the fall of 1965. But like many other outfits around at the time, it fused the styles of Brit-Invasion BEATLES, et al and folk-rock BYRDS; their wares showcased on the Lloyd Thaxton TV show. The VEJTABLES’ follow-up was a cover of TOM PAXTON’s `The Last Thing On My Mind’, and although it duly flopped, they had fun promoting the 45 while supporting the likes of The BEACH BOYS and YARDBIRDS. In April ’66 and now with Jim Sawyers replacing Reese, the quintet played at The Battle Of The Bands contest in L.A.; the winners being The DOORS.
When their label got into financial problems, Jan Ashton (as she was now monikered) sprouted her proverbial wings and took off for a brief solo outing (`Cold Dreary Morning’ a shelved 45), leaving the roots-y duo of Bob and Frank to record what was to become their swansong, `Feel The Music’, a typical raga-punk-style song, simulating heavy sitar-like guitars rounded off with a crashing cymbal; MOBY GRAPE’s Bob Mosley played live. More Jay songs were unearthed on records by The MOJO MEN, while newcomer Sawyers found true psychedelia via The SYNDICATE OF SOUND and `Little Girl’.
Meanwhile, Smith and Bailey (with keyboardist Saul Lewis, guitarist Richard Fortunato, bassist Rolland Oeller and drummer Arthur Penthollow) formed The BOOK OF CHANGES, who chalked up one 45 for Tower Records: `I Stole The Goodyear Blimp’. A decade or three later, a compilation FEEL… THE VEJTABLES (1995) {*6} proved to many music pundits their worth in both psychedelic and folk-rock terms.
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