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Tony Wilson’s Factory Records were never at the front of the queue to sign folk acts, but with the help of A&R man Mike Pickering (ex-QUANDO QUANGO), they were on the label’s roster for a few years. Taking their unique moniker from a line in Czech composer Rudolf Friml’s “Song Of The Vagabonds” operetta, entitled The Vagabond King, TO HELL WITH BURGUNDY were formed October 1987 in Manchester by accomplished musicians/drama students Karl Walsh, Joanne Hensman and Kevin Metchear; all vocalists in their own right.
Almost immediately (March ‘88 to be precise), the Hensman-penned track `Mother Of The Sea’ was served up with other artists on an EP issued on a friend’s From Chorley independent, one of the highlights (along with singles `Go’ and `Who Wants To Change The World?’) on their arty-folk set EARTHBOUND (1989) {*6}.
Subsequent tours supporting BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, GRAHAM PARKER, CLANNAD and BOB GELDOF, helped their CV without extended their potential to be folk music’s next big thing; the Factory association must’ve created some confusion to band’s identity and direction. With folksy pop harmonies and several decent songs in their repertoire, further sets such as ONLY THE WORLD (1992) {*5}, 3 (1994) {*4} and THE MARVEL OF THE AGE (1998) {*5} – released on their own Stig Europe imprint – did little in the way of sales, and although John Lees (of BJH) again invited them on a support basis (March 2001), it was thought best to call it a day thereafter; Walsh formed indie outfit, The Visitors.
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