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Who would think of combining the FAIRPORTs with The Belfast Gypsies and THEM? Former “first lady” and original singer of (pre-SANDY DENNY) FAIRPORT CONVENTION, Judy Dyble, and her Coleraine-born, musician friend Jackie McAuley – that’s who.
London-based from the late 60s (Judy had a short stint with pre-KING CRIMSON-ites Giles, Giles & Fripp), TRADER HORNE released their first pop-folk 45, `Sheena’, towards the end of the 60s, a melodious cut flipped with the more adventurous post-psych gem, `Morning Way’.
Popping along the proverbial corridor from Pye to Dawn Records (initially releasing non-LP tracks, `Here Comes The Rain’ and `Goodbye Mercy Kelly’ as a single), MORNING WAY (1970) {*7} was unleashed. Baroque balladry or tale-and-tapestry folk, best describe this wispy and twee record that touched on a little jazz and blues, although not in a PENTANGLE way (example the pair’s arrangement of trad cue `Down And Out Blues’). With the majority of songs penned by multi-instrumentalist McAuley, his fairytale organ-led cut `The Mixed Up Kind’ came off best, with the DAVY GRAHAM/BERT JANSCH-esque `Jenny May’ a close second. TRADER HORNE would cease to trade after a brief period when Saffron Summerfield had superseded DYBLE; she’d later kickstart her solo career, while McAULEY had already got off the mark in 1971 with a self-titled set. Unlikely as it seemed, both singers would renew their musical vows when they were to perform concerts in November 2015.
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