The Summer of Pop at the Great Rock Bible

The Summer of Pop

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July and August sees the Great Rock Bible move into another phase – a purely pop one that covers iconic stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Adele, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Dua Lipa, Frank Ocean, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Harry Styles… etc. etc.

The discographies will appear first and the corresponding biographies in a few weeks or so; you’ll be blown away by the discographies, so get on board MC’s pop train and improve your knowledge on all their chart hits, their albums and much, much more…

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  1. Peter Hill

    Hiya Martin….an interesting excursion… can call me snobby/elitist or whatever term you choose but I can’t imagine your target audience are interested in such music (Ed Sheeran is a musical abomination) and when there are so many other worthy bands you have yet to cover I wonder where this folly will end? Despite my reservations I still applaud your zeal and hope the physical copy of the Rock Bible will eventually surface….thanks…Peter (I have been drinking wine so apologies for the candour)


    1. Martin Strong

      There is method to my madness, Peter. And I’m sure I’ll get around to doing some indie stuff. At the moment, it’s Pop, but I’m sure there are greats within the GRB sphere. As for Ed Sheeran, he sells records and at 59 years of age myself and not a huge fan, I have to be impartial as it’s my job, a job I do for pennies at the moment. I’m a Popol Vuh fan and writing about pop acts is a chore, to say the least, so support me in my unenviable mountainous task, or I’ll set you a task of writing the next biog – Justin Bieber.

  2. Peter Hill

    Hiya Martin…..nice comeback for a cheeky whippersnapper. I’m 4 years your senior so show some respect!!
    My formative years (musically) revolved around Prog Rock (Yes, ELP etc) but Popul Vuh were a bit too ambient/spiritual for my tastes at that time. I’ve grown to love other types of music as I’ve got older and listen to folk, some country (especially bluegrass) and even some “pop” but I suppose my default setting is guitar based Indie, my wife would say “boys with guitars” but she loves that desolate Kristin Hersch so what does she know!?
    Back to the elephant in the room i.e Pop….I have been known to say (whilst my friends laugh behind my back) that Robbie Williams might be a twat but that “Angels” song aint half bad BUT that wouldn’t lead to me wanting to buy and read his biog/discography however I fully understand the needs of your profession and admire your fortitude.
    Just out of interest I’ve copied my favourite Amazon review of an Ed Sheeran album below which explains my points probably better than I could:-

    It is often said that when the ‘Beatles’ first burst onto the scene in the early 60’s the whole world turned technicolour, blowing away the grey austere clouds that had shrouded the post war years. The ‘Beatles’ music and the great sounds that followed in their wake seemed to universally mirror the liberating social change and soaring optimism of the time. Fast forward 50 odd years and the release of Ed Sheerhan’s ‘Divide’ marks the time when the world turned inexpressively beige. Fans of Sheerhan will doubtless point to huge sales figures { as if that is proof of quality}, but the predetermined success of this insipid album is the result of at least 15 years of systematic dumbing down. ‘Divide’ is the soundtrack to a sleepwalking nation whose brains have been addled by shallow celebrity culture, X-Factor drivel, Jeremy Kyle, Big Brother, Towie, the Kardashians etc, ad nauseum. A sleepwalking nation that thinks Katie Price is a literary genius and Nigel Farage is a man of the people. A sleepwalking nation blindly hoodwinked and manipulated on a daily basis by the appalling ‘Sun’ newspaper and tolerates talentless wannabe’s who seek fame for fame’s sake { Myleen Klass, Rylan, Kym Marsh and Stacey Solomon for instance, all presented themselves as singers and ended up doing something unrelated}. Critics in Ireland have already seen through the Sheerhan sham, many of their publications describing the contrivances of ‘Nancy Mulligan’ and ‘Galway Girl’ as patronising and even insulting. This is absolutely true, both of these horrors are the faux celtic equivalent of ‘Typically Tropical’s’ “Coconut Airways” nonsense. Well in advance of this album’s release, stations that really ought to know better like Radio X and Absolute {empty slogan- Where real music matters}, both played the vomit inducing ‘Castle On The Hill’ to the point of overkill.I Found myself changing stations each time I heard its intro only to find the wretched thing blaring out elsewhere! The sycophantic reception on the release of ‘Divide’ was totally unwarranted, and it was tragic to see the castrated NME getting in on the act. Taking full advantage of pre-release hype, free plugs on breakfast t.v.,chat shows and charity appeals, Sheerhan has steered his sanitised ship into the sea of mediocrity alongside irksome droners Rag N’ Bone Man and Adele towards a nailed on ‘Brit’ award { a hollow victory if ever there was one}. Sheerhan’s output stoops to new lows via the affectations of ‘New Man’, an embarrassing bid for street cred that should appeal to those deluded souls that find James Blunt deep or think that James Bay is a maverick. Unless something as apocalyptic as Punk once was comes along { even a Rage Against The Machine style backlash would be nice}, Ifear that the Ed Sheerhans of this world will continue to plunge the planet into anodyne blandness. The sad thing is that there are so many thrilling alternatives to the soulless ‘Divide’ that the general public are unaware of or denied access to, or maybe they’re just too apathetic to find out for themselves. In summing up I’d say that this is muzak for the easily pleased. ‘Divide’ is the musical equivalent of the daily meds used to de-sensitise the brow beaten patients in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’. So who’s going to be brave enough to do a Jack Nicholson then?

    A Justin Bieber biog would be much shorter and easier to write i.e

    “Nothing of note here unless you’re a pubescent 14/15 year old boy/girl”

    1. Martin Strong

      Wow! Peter. A lot for me to digest; I didn’t know your age, but that’s irrelevant for a person with good taste of music. I wish I’d have written the Ed Sheeran bit from Amazon; if I had his/her name I’d give them a job when I’m flush. Anyway, I’ve committed to do the “summer of pop” stuff, and always remember there’s enough “rock” in the GRB to be satisfied for now; I’ve a pile of psychedelic and prog stuff to feed in around the fall. I appreciate your views, but keep them a little shorter if you can. Sorry, can’t use the Bieber biog; his fans wid kill me.
      I’m not a pop fan in the slightest, but not everybody likes all parts of their job. I wish I had help on the biogs, so if you know someone who can work for as much as I receive, I’d like to hear from them. There’s a lot of metal to file.
      Thanks, Peter.
      Martin S

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