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New in 2020

April 2020 will see the launch of the Great Rock Bible discography section.

These will be available to subscribers only and more details of the launch date as well as the Platinum, Gold and Silver subscription schemes will follow.

Platinum Level
Platinum subscribers will receive 1 years full access to the discographies.

Gold subscribers will receive 3 months full access to the discographies.

Silver subscribers will receive 1 months full access to the discographies.



  1. Peter Hill

    Hiya….will the bible ever be issued as a physical book?
    I already have all your discographies and they’re some of my favourite possessions and I’m still regularly dipping into them as questions pop into my mind!
    Thanks for all the hard work

    1. Martin Strong

      Hi Peter,
      A recurring question indeed. Might do after I find a willing publisher. One thing to ask yourself: Isn’t the GRD/GRB here on this website; fully updated and a 100 times better than ye olde flawed tomes. Look out for my discographies mid-to-late April. You’ll wet your pants… or maybe not…

  2. Peter Hill

    Hiya Martin….thanks for the update. I’m already at that age where “pants wetting” is something I’m very aware of!!
    I appreciate that it must be more difficult to finance a hard copy of the bible but personally I’m more a physical type of chap i.e I prefer books to e-readers/ CDs & vinyl to downloads and generally find reading things on-line less interesting/absorbing but of course you have to do what is practical at your end.
    If the discographies happen to come out during the coronavirus i might take the month option and binge on them for a month as I don’t have much else to do at the moment due to this isolating!
    Anyway I hope you’re well and that everything goes to plan….cheers

    1. Martin Strong

      Hi Peter. Had fun reading your reply. I’m still avoiding spinning Staying Alive by the Bee Gees, but like you I’m self-isolating; good to hear you’re doing the same; it’s just these pesky joggers and construction workers I have to convince to stay in read my biographies/discographies. Anyhow, chin-chin – it’s grim up north but we’re used to it! Take care…

  3. Diego Bochor

    Hello Peter Hill and Martin. I am one of the club. Martin, we already know each other. I am Diego Bochor.
    I also eagerly await the discographies to be able to subscribe and thus have them.
    I agree with Peter: I am more of a fan of the printed book than of everything digital but well, in these modern times everything is handled like this and I understand that of not finding a publisher. As Peter says, a physical disk is much better than downloading it. But hey, we also know that you can’t have everything physical, that’s why we sometimes resort to downloading. Once the subscription is complete I will build a database with all the discographies and biographies written by Martin.
    The download, that is, what is downloaded in terms of the Martin design, has the shape of a page of the book? Or is it a database that can be copied and pasted in some word or excel?
    greetings from Argentina for the 2

    Diego Bochor

    1. Martin Strong

      Hi Diego. There’s been a week’s delay to the re-launch; pesky internet is slow. It’ll all become clearer then. Busy as anything; working night shifts…
      Best of… take care…

  4. Justin

    Hi Martin. Some people call me “ old school” . Some people call me or “old”. Both are accurate. And like the chaps above; i’d much prefer the actual,physical book to the internet version .With this in mind, would it not be possible to find a printer/publisher to quote you a price for say an initial run of let’s say 250/500 copies of the new book? Then do the maths your end( to include all costs of production and posting out) and quote your website visitors a given price per book. Take pre paid orders in full on the basis that orders will only be fulfilled if you reach the required number of pre paid orders.Failing the number being reached ,(which I highly doubt),tell orderers that you’ll refund them. Ryanair use this system for Ireland football away match charter flights. You book paying in full but the flight only goes if enough bookings are taken .If the flight doesn’t go due to lack of bookings,those who did book get a full refund.What do you think? You could even offer to hand sign each copy to encourage sales. Just a thought.Best wishes,Justin,Dublin.

    1. Martin Strong

      Hi Justin, I’ve looked into most of what you say, but neither is feasible; publishers don’t do reference books and my finances have disappeared ages ago. In a year or two things might change, though in the meantime, there’s this “great” work-in-progress which doesn’t have date deadlines and is continuous as you can see. I hope you can come on board and subscribe, at least for a test month. I’m sure you’ll be more than impressed. If not, the biogs are free and again up to date as of early April 2020. Best of… Martin

  5. Peter Hill

    Hiya Martin…..was just trying to take out a test month of your discographies but when it came to enter a password I was advised that this was not a “secure connection” and suggested that I did not continue! Can you advise re this apparent anomaly?

    1. Author
      Stuart Hamilton

      Hi there. I’m Stuart, the tech fella. That’s because the url doesn’t have https instead of the old http – it’s a PHP thing at the hosting end which I’m waiting to hear back about but you’re fine to carry on browsing.

  6. Peter Hill

    Hiya Stuart

    Any idea of a timescale for the security issues to be ironed out?

    1. Author
      Stuart Hamilton

      There isn’t a security issue. The payment method is secure. We’re in the queue for TSO hosts to add an “s” to http but all payments are secure.

  7. Peter Hill

    The payment method may be secure, but that I don’t know because I can’t get past the “create a password” page without my security settings telling me it’s not safe!!?

    1. Martin Strong

      Sorry Peter. I’m having teething trouble with my host, who are have trouble with fixing their site on this matter. They say they’ll try again tonight (1st May), so I’ll look tomorrow and phone the powers that be. Hopefully, surely, I can get you on the site earlier than Monday. I apologize profusely.

  8. alsch890

    Hi Martin,
    Sorry, I missed this update before, had the blinkers on I guess! I am a fully paid up member now. Good job getting to the next step here.

    1. Martin Strong

      Thank you, Allan. Your stalwart support over the previous few years has been much appreciated. You have kept this GRB motor running, and I hope you enjoy the new additions of which there will be plenty. Pick your best 3 or 5 artists that haven’t appeared on the pages of the site, and I’ll do be the month’s end.
      Best of…
      Martin C. Strong (MCS)

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