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Martin C Strong,  the renowned music historian known for compiling discographies of popular music including The Great Rock Discography is proud to announce that his discographies are now available online.

Strong has researched music extensively since the early 1980s and is perhaps best known for The Great Rock Discography, with the 7th edition being published in 2004; the foreword was penned by disc jockey John Peel. The book has garnered acclaim, with United States music critic Robert Christgau recommending it as one of the three best rock music encyclopaedias, and the one with the “maddest completism”. Author Ian Rankin named it as one of the “5 Books Every Man Should Read”, calling it “a great book” that “would keep [him] happy on any desert island”. It was re-released as The Essential Rock Discography, a condensed version, in 2006.
Strong has also authored The Great Metal Discography (2 editions), The Great Psychedelic, The Great Alternative & Indie (2 volumes) and Lights, Camera, Soundtracks (with Brendon Griffin).
The discographies (updated to end of April 2020) are available to subscribers (details here) who will also receive all updates and new entries during their subscription period.


    1. Martin Strong

      You’re free to browse, Jeremy. The 2000 biogs are free and the discographies are subscription-only. I’ll have another look for your artwork ASAP.

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