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Hey, readers. Thanks for all your support over the last few years or so; and to the many people who bought any of the Great Rock Discography series from 1994-2011. Hope soon to have its revised update in the very near future. I have a problem though; I need a typesetter for the discographies, an extra biographer/reviewer and an administrator I can work with on a weekly basis; and just honest people who love music in general. I tried recently to get the Great Rock Bible published by the people at Canongate, but they dismissed it by saying it wasn’t a Canongate book. I’m very sure they once published 15 out of the 18 tomes still on sale on eBay/Amazon and made a tidy profit in the process. It’s like it never happened!

CAN YOU PLEASE DONATE SOMETHING TOWARD THE COSTS OF MAINTAINING THIS FREE SITE; if just a small number of generous patrons donated a few dollars/pounds/yen/whatever, I could maintain the site and get it bigger and better very quickly; at the moment it takes a good day to re-vamp just one or two from my GRD files. A part-time job in the industry would be nice; I’ve been an outsider too long. Record labels, Artists/Bands, Music Shops, music lovers, et al, the Great Rock Discography series indirectly helped you sell more records over the previous 20 odd years – think on it. Please donate something to keep this site running.

Because of the logistic nature of the discographies (typesetting, etc.) no one has yet viewed the tens of 1000s of revised discographies that accompany the biogs; it’d be a shame if they were lost to the music/history world. Hopefully, we’ll find a way how to best get them on to this site, or in book form, as in the Great Rock Discography series – though much improved. Stop press: I’m in the process of lodging each corresponding discography into the site; might go self-employed again if I can find some help from every direction. It’ll take months, but it’ll be worth it in the end. I wish I’d had computer lessons at school – but it was pre-Amstrad. I’m learning as I go along.

Due to the unusual upsurge in comments from people or corporations trying to pitch something (that get repeated over and over and over again), replies will be scrutinised.

Now, for budding biographers out there, the GRB needs you.
Each week of fresh releases mount up, especially with new artists that fit into the odd genre or three. Could you do a biography (incorporating a review of each set) – as in over 1000 examples from the GRB.
I’ll pick the best one to publish on each artist, give a credit, and down the line – a job doing others, whether part-time/full-time (with payment).
Just email me to tell me what one(s) you’re proposing to do. Any advice will be forthcoming. So far there’s been no takers.

Good luck, MC Strong (in the house)

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