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The missing link between DEL AMITRI, KING CREOSOTE, ELBOW and MIDLAKE, but influenced by SPRINGSTEEN, WAITS and WAINWRIGHT (Rufus, not Loudon), Glasgow-based ADMIRAL FALLOW are centred around Edinburgh-born singer-songwriter Louis Abbott. Formed as Brother Louis Collective in 2007 (his other band is The Moth And The Mirror), the group’s debut release was the sparklingly bright `These Barren Years’ for Jen Anderson’s Euphonois Records. With a major name change to the nu-folksters ADMIRAL FALLOW and a call to ex-DELGADOS drummer Paul Savage for production duties, Abbott (also acoustic guitar), Sarah Hayes (harmony vocals, flute and piano), Kevin Brolly (clarinet and drums), Joe Rattrey (double bass) and Phil Hague (field drum/drums), the group issued their debut set, BOOTS MET MY FACE (2010) {*7}, a record that boasted at least three gemstones: `Squealing Pigs’, a fresh version of `These Barren Years’, `Dead Leg’ and `Subbuteo’ – not exactly depicting the “flick to kick” football game but rather a lyrical “Boots Met My Face” exploration of inner city life.
With the relatively healthy success story of FRIGHTENED RABBIT, The TWILIGHT SAD and a good contingent of Caledonian of combos making the grade, 2012 was a good time to sign to the identifiable Nettwerk Records for their AF’s sophomore set, TREE BURSTS IN SNOW (2012) {*8}. Lauded by ELBOW’s Guy Garvey and GUILLEMOTS’ Fyfe Dangerfield, songs in the key of the tough Glasgow city streets (`Tree Bursts’), or playing to the festive foot-stomping, fist-pumping folk crowds through the MUMFORD & SONS’ `The Paper Trench’, Louis and Co are energy personified. Having already identified with aforesaid acts (whether indie-folk, nu-folk or whatever), one feels the quintet still have time to get into first gear; the promising `Guest Of The Government’ and the heartfelt `Oh, Oscar’, lyrically sombre and engaging.
Three years down the line, ADMIRAL FALLOW kept it organic (Lou maintaining his sublime vernacular) for album three, TINY REWARDS (2015) {*7}. The heavenly harmonies on opener `Easy As Breathing’, the progressive and expansive nature on `Evangeline’ and `Holding The Strings’ (both available as download singles), their development was slow but assured. Flourishes of electronica and brass with punctual poetry to boot, one hopes the band can find simpatico with an overseas audience to touch on their delicate designs.
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