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Formed in Dublin, Ireland by ex-EIRE APPARENT guitarist David “Tiger” Taylor, ANNO DOMINI also featured expat Aussies and Sweaty Betty musicians/brothers John and part-timer Trevor Jones. Roping in songwriters Dave Mercer and Kerry Scott, the quartet (as pictured on the sleeve photoshoot of their sole LP, ON THIS NEW DAY (1971) {*6}) were heavily inspired by the works of the BYRDS (example the set’s opener `So You Want To Be A Rock’n’Roll Star’); other covers comprised DION’s `Daddy Rowlin’’ and Don Dunn & Tony McCashen’s `Hitchcock Railway’ (the latter better known to JOE COCKER fans). Whether psychedelic or folky, the melodic style of the group was best presented by tracks `Bad Lands Of Ardguth’, `The Good Life I Have Known’ and `The Trapper’.
Splitting up not long afterwards, John and Trevor formed the appropriately-titled Jonesy, while Tiger joined Brown & O’Brien, Dave Mercer went solo and Scott joined up with T.F. Much.
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~ Dave Mercer – vocals, guitar, bass / ~ Kerry Scott – vocals, harmonica, percussion / ~ David “Tiger” Taylor – vocals, guitar (ex-EIRE APPARENT, ex-Freshmen) / ~ John Jones – guitar (ex-Sweaty Betty) / plus Trevor Jones – bass (ex-Sweaty Betty)
// UK // US
// Deram // unsigned
* Apr 71.~ (lp) ~ (SML-R 1085) ~ ON THIS NEW DAY // //-
~ So you want to be a rock ’n roll star / On this new day / Bad lands of Ardguth / Regency days / Hitchcock railway / The good life I have known / The trapper / Daddy rowlin / Five o’clock in the morning / June Tremayne. ~ (cd-iss.Jul03 on `Hugo Montes Production’; ~ HMPCD 013) ~ (cd re-iss.Feb06 on `Repertoire’+=; ~ REPUK 1068)~ Hitchcock railway (version).
— they disbanded and the Jones brothers formed prog-rock outfit JONESY

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