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American ethereal electro-pop version of LANA DEL REY, LORDE or GRIMES, at least initially, teenage singer-songwriter sensation BILLIE EILISH was destined to become a global No.1 artist. Indeed, she was only 17 when her debut set achieved this feat, with almost every track from the album doing a sort of ED SHEERAN by taking up positions within the Hot 100.
Born Billie Pirate Baird O’Connell, December 18, 2001, Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, EILISH grew up within a talented bunch of thespians and musos (from Irish/Scots roots); her elder brother Finneas O’Connell was part of alt-rock/pop act, The Slightlys; it would be a Finneas song, `Ocean Eyes’ (and another `Six Feet Under’), that brought the former Los Angeles Children’s Chorus singer to the attention of Darkroom/Interscope Records at the turn of 2017.
Several download singles down the line, the then clean-cut BILLIE EILISH was beginning to make headway inside the fringes of the charts. But not yet ready to unleash a full set of songs, the likes of `Bellyache’, `Idontwannabeyouanymore’ and others (`i.e. `Watch’, `Copycat’ and `My Boy’) featured on the EP/mini-set, DON’T SMILE AT ME {*6}. Released in August 2017, but re-issued worldwide with extra bonus non-hits/hits (`&Burn’ with VINCE STAPLES and `Lovely’ with KHALID) in July/November the following year, the record finally bubbled under the Top 10 in both the US and UK.
Allowing her most eerie hits, `You Should See Me In A Crown’ and the sombre `When The Party’s Over’, to run over until they could be celebrated on her co-Finneas-penned/produced debut set, EILISH was fast-becoming a much in-demand artist and a favourite of trendy teenagers with an insight to a class genre-blurring act. Boosted by further smash hits, `Bury A Friend’, `Wish You Were Gay’ and the chart-topping `Bad Guy’, the devilish Billie’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? (2019) {*8} was the toast of the NME and other music rags. A hypnotic hybrid of hip hop, electro-pop and lounge-rock, the talented Ms. EILISH could rattle off downbeat episodes (`Xanny’, `I Love You’ and the EMINEM-esque `My Strange Addiction’) to sparkling upbeat pop (`All The Good Girls Go To Hell’, `8’ and `Ilomilo’).
As another top-selling hit, `Everything I Wanted’, subsided, there must’ve been some emotion when she was chosen to be the youngest ever songstress to perform a James Bond theme song. However, although the `No Time To Die’ single achieved its apex by scaling the UK charts in February 2020 (Top 20 status in the US), its unfortunate title left the makers of the movie to postpone its premiere until the Covid-19 pandemic hopefully dissipated.
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