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From CREAM and BAD COMPANY to ASIA and ZWAN, hard-rock “supergroups” have long since fascinated the record buying public, who were drawn in hook line and sinker to the hype – CHICKENFOOT were no exception to the rule. Founded in 2008 by stalwart solo singer/artist, SAMMY HAGAR (a veteran who’d fronted MONTROSE and VAN HALEN), bassist Michael Anthony (also ex-VAN HALEN), drummer Chad Smith (of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) and last, but not least, journeyman guitar maestro JOE SATRIANI, the arena-rockers have since struck gold in their homeland with two Top 10 sets.
Several years prior to kick-starting CHICKENFOOT, Hagar, Anthony and fifth member Satriani (along with guitarist Neal Schon and drummer Deen Castronovo) had started out as short-lived touring combo, Planet Us, but commitments to principle bands led the shelving of a prospective album. This was not the case for Hagar and Co’s new mistress, who almost immediately recorded enough numbers with producer Andy Johns to stick out eponymous album, CHICKENFOOT (2009) {*6}. That inimitable howl of the not-so-horrible Hagar, the tight technique of Satriani and the chugging bursts of their rhythm backers, mirrored metal from past meisters, but one couldn’t fault on `Oh Yeah’, `Soap On A Rope’, `Sexy Little Thing’ and Avenida Revolucion’.
If one was wondering where “Two” (the album) was, then the answer was the quartet’s misleadingly-titled sophomore set, CHICKENFOOT III (2011) {*7}. Not since the days of the TRAVELING WILBURYS had a super-group superstitiously shied away from that “difficult” second album – by calling it their third. But it seemed to work on a critically level, as retro classic-rock was the order of the day. Very much in the dye-in-the-wool 80s mould, `Different Devil’ (a record played to death on FM radio), `Three And A Half Letters’, `Last Temptation’ and `Alright Alright’, pushed the right buttons for Kerrang! readers/listeners. CHICKENFOOT have shown that vintage rock can still cut it – big time!
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