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Sadly absent Baroque-folk/punk band formed in 1994 and fronted by the quavering Dominic Harris, Edinburgh-based DOMINIC WAXING LYRICAL spearheaded a sort of singer-songwriter revival until lack of interest led him to fading into the musical ether. Probably in need of good management to see their fun-time potential, Dom Harris (vocals/guitar), Joel Sanderson (cello/vocals), Tom Bancroft (drums), short-stop Ewan Hunter (bass/mandolin) and essential dancer Ruby Worth, released a couple of indie singles and a solitary set.
An Englishman with a slight lisp – or so it seemed – and a following from all the squats, cellars and young farmer’s discos they played, the eponymous DOMINIC WAXING LYRICAL (1996) {*7} was pure theatre on vinyl, turning C-86 into C-96 via airplay on the John Peel Show.
Half-spoken and sombre, effective indie maxi-singles such as `Victoria’, `Change’ and `Dear Sir/Madam’ (the latter from a 4-track EP) were exclusive to these sessions for Bosque Records; such a pity, as their addition to the acoustic-led set might’ve given it an extra edge. Still, highlights, `Drowning’, `King’ and `Ice Age’ were worthy of admission price alone, despite the search for more concerts that featured nudity and the odd police raid.
Whatever happened to the waxing lyrical Dominic will probably be left a mystery, until that is, some autobiography is touted at the Edinburgh Book Festival one day.
This seemed more likely when in 2014, out of the blue, the reunification of DOMINIC WAXING LYRICAL produced a number of gigs around the capital; the singer was joined by ABERFELDY’s Riley Briggs and brief bassist Ken McIntosh. Promoting new material from a comeback album – his first in 18 years! – WOODLAND CASUAL (2015) {*8} was hyped to the max by everyone from Record Collector to The Skinny. Maybe some clues to his whereabouts in the proverbial wilderness would be bandied about inside the set’s sharp lyrical abandon. Then again maybe not. Only `Nightwatchman’ showed he might’ve been responsible for something; maybe a daughter!
Lying somewhere between HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT and Kirk Brandon’s SPEAR OF DESTINY, `Wednesday’, `Swansong’, `Colonial’ and the digital single `Thursday (Searching)’, DWL – augmented by Riley and his drummer brother Murray Briggs, George McFall (all from ABERFELDY) and Neil Bateman (from BADGEWEARER) – should make 2015 a year to remember for their hipper-than-hip lead singer. Can’t wait for 2035.
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