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Berlin was the stamping ground for hippies Maik Hirschfeldt and Canadian singer Dolly Holmes, who met in London (c.1969) while performing in the musical Hair. Energised by the likes of PENTANGLE, The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND and, er… The SEEKERS, EMTIDI sought out a record deal, and this was found by way of Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser’s underground Thorofon Records. Their limited-edition debut LP, EMTIDI (1970) {*6} – recorded in two days – was basically an acoustic, Anglo-fied folk set, unremarkable in many ways, promising in others. There were many reasons to hate this album, the posh, glutinous vocals from Dolly high up on one’s critical agenda. Melancholic opener, `Lookin’ For People’, was melodic enough to save it from ridicule, its arty, pop-rock feel similar to track two, `Shadow On Your Face’. Maik’s DYLAN-meets-DONOVAN-style vox on `No Turn Back’ regained the folk momentum, although why the clumsy kazoo came into the fray was anyone’s guess.
The mostly instrumental second side belonged to Hirschfeldt himself; Dolly mostly taking a back seat. Tracks included the strum-friendly and period-perfect `Let The Joint Go ‘Round’. The acoustic `Birds On A Graveyard’ and the JETHRO TULL-esque `Flutepiece’, ended on a high note of sorts.
In 1972, after working with Dieter Dierks in his studio, the duo returned with the remarkable acid-folk set, SAAT {*8}. Its many highlights included `Walking In The Park’ and the title track. EMTIDI fused STEELEYE SPAN and the FAIRPORTs with ASH RA TEMPEL or even KLAUS SCHULZE. Sadly, this was their final release; a third album shelved, leaving fresh alumni Rudi Haunreiter, Georg Karger and Franz Muller, unused.
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