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Not necessarily an out-and-out folk-rock act, but ALL ABOUT EVE had their acoustic-rock moments. Named after a Bette Davis movie and formed in 1985 in London by singing music journalist Julianne Regan and ex-Aemotti Crii songwriter Tim Bricheno, the group released four indie hits on their own Eden Records before landing a contract with Mercury in mid-‘87.
Their major label debut (a re-mix of their second indie 45, `In The Clouds’) hit the UK Top 50 and paved the way for many more to come. Touting prog-folk, acid-tinged hippy-goth and influenced by early 70s acoustic LED ZEPPELIN or even CURVED AIR (at least in imagery and mysticism), ALL ABOUT EVE were, for a brief period in the late 80s, something of an alluring alternative to the disposable pop clogging up the charts.
A follow-up single, `Wild Hearted Woman’, cracked the Top 40, although the band really broke through later that summer with the ethereal `Martha’s Harbour, a single which crossed over to rock/pop fans and made the UK Top 10. Its success fuelled further sales of the eponymous debut album (ALL ABOUT EVE (1988) {*8}), which boasted all their hits so far and achieved a similar chart position.
The tricky momentum of simultaneously balancing a goth/indie and mainstream fanbase came undone with a more morose follow-up album, SCARLET AND OTHER STORIES (1989) {*6}. Though it made the Top 10, it failed to hit the heights of its predecessor; the record’s downbeat sound possibly attributed to the internal ructions taking place.
Bricheno finally left for SISTERS OF MERCY, in 1990, his replacement being The CHURCH-man, Marty Willson-Piper, initially on a temporary basis and subsequently full-time. Despite being touted as a return to form, TOUCHED BY JESUS (1991) {*6} failed to meet commercial expectations and the band split from their label shortly after. Despite a comeback with a set for M.C.A. Records, ULTRAVIOLET (1992) {*5}, the band finally called it a day in early the following year.
Regan subsequently formed Harmony Ambulance (who released a one-off 45 for Rough Trade) before going on to work with BERNARD BUTLER and later form MICE; one set BECAUSE I CAN (1995) {*6}. Towards the end of the decade, the acoustic ALL ABOUT EVE toured alongside The MISSION on their Resurrection tour; subsequent concert sets FAIRY LIGHT NIGHTS (in two volumes {*6} & {*6}) showcased their long-awaited return. Bricheno also joined The MISSION for a time after his relationship with Regan floundered.
In their time, AAE covered BOWIE’s `Life On Mars’, TREES’ `The Garden Of Jane Delawney’, and The CURE’s `Apart’. But what was more important to fans of the resurgent group (Regan and Cousin), was the release of their comeback studio set, CINEMASONIC (2003) {*6}, featuring the first of these and a minor hit, `Let Me Go Home’.
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