Gandalf The Grey

Due to his positively psychedelic bent, the studio project of Chris Wilson (born Glen Cove, Long Island) was somewhat overlooked in the first folk volume. Founded in Greenwich Village, New York, at a time when one would think the folk scene was coming to a close or moving into other genres, Chris initially worked on Tin Angel recordings in 1968 at Charles Dickens studios.
Having been part of Columbia act The OTHER HALF, who’d worked alongside HENDRIX, SPRINGSTEEN and comedian/actor/promoter Bill Cosby, singer-songwriter Chris delved into the fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien for inspiration and came up with GANDALF THE GREY.
Recorded in his bedroom, THE GREY WIZARD I AM (1972) {*6} was a post-psychedelic set fusing prog folk-rock. Worth around $1,000 mint, it gained a UK release in 1986; best tracks being the title track and `From The Grey Havens’. The UK version could also get very pricey as it’s worth a three-figure sun at the moment, while the US original is still rocketing. Incidentally, Wilson went into television production work and came up with the first ever video single in 1982; subsequent releases are available on his site.
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