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Not exactly in the prime of his youth when his catchy anti-folk songs began to resonate with the buying public, vernacular, 30-something Glaswegian GERRY CINNAMON proved beyond doubt that pop-culture music didn’t just have to be for the Facebook/Love Islanders. Expanding on the success of FRANK TURNER, JAKE BUGG and his hero, NOEL GALLAGHER, former T In The Park regular Gerry strummed, chanted and whistled his way into the hearts and minds of the NWOBP (i.e. New Wave Of Brit-Pop) brigade when his 2017 set hit Top 20… in 2019!
Born Gerry Crosbie, 1 October 1985, Castlemilk, the Glasga’ slang-ster developed his patter-merchant acoustic manifesto through listening to everything from The BEATLES and DYLAN to OASIS and a smorgasbord of indie bands. He formed The Cinnamons (with Lori Duncan, Dave Bass and Gav Hunter), and released a five-song EP in 2010. Adopting the act’s moniker for subsequent solo appearances, early exposure compering open mic nights in a bar within his city’s Sauchiehall Street, GERRY CINNAMON began his rise to fame. And bolstered by his pro-“Yes” campaign anthem, `Hope Over Fear’; first sang live with his band ahead of the unyielding Scottish indie ref of September 2014, word-of-mouth spread like wildfire of the Warrior-poet’s potential. However, his career had to take centre-stage over and above his nation’s ambitions; though the aforesaid song did surface as a download, prior to his first “official” single, `Kampfire Vampire’ (b/w `Fickle McSelfish’), the following May, released in order to support CAST’s journeyman JOHN POWER on stage.
T In The Park slots in 2015 and 2016 had helped Gerry win “Best Live Act” at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, but even after a prestigious second-billing slot to OCEAN COLOUR SCENE, the man was not yet signed to a major.
The witty `Belter’ introduced him to the indie biz; and a crowd-funded album – via PledgeMusic – ERRATIC CINEMATIC (2017) {*8}, slowly but surely climbed the Scottish listings (peaking at No.3), prior to cracking the UK Top 20 and sticking around the charts for weeks and weeks! Lost in translation somewhere down the line, Rate Your Music readers gave this a resounding thumbs-down 2/5, and plainly pigeon-holed it folk! But England, Ireland and beyond were catching on to “unsigned and unbothered” artistry of the CINNAMON songster. One track in particular from the uncompromising set, the title track, fused a MORRICONE “Spaghetti Western” whistle and strum to lyrics “say hello to my little friend”, lovingly lifted from Al Pacino in the gangster flick, Scarface. Only nine songs short, each album cut – best examples `Sometimes’, `What Have You Done’ and `Keysies’ – seemed crafted to create a chaotic stir at the many festivals the strictly independent no bull-shit entertainer would duly attend.
The one-man Scottish “High Flying Bird” was in his element, so to speak, when he supported LIAM GALLAGHER at a gig at Irish Independent Park in Cork on 23rd June 2019.
Striking while the iron was hot, or at least while his debut set and a handful of singles featured in the British charts, the CINNAMON man rocketed to the No.1 spot with his eagerly-anticipated sophomore set, THE BONNY (2020) {*8}. If fellow Scot chart-topper LEWIS CAPALDI had all the “banter”, then Glaswegian Gerry was succeeding in a `Canter’; coincidentally the opening cut and a Top 50 hit from the previous year. Uncannily recalling singer BILLY CONNOLLY from the comic’s no-joke HUMBLEBUMS heyday (but of course closer to a certain Noel or Liam G), one-man-band Gerry captured the country on his introspective, life-in-the-past-lane tales-of-our-times, `Dark Days’, `Sun Queen’, `Where We’re Going’ and his inspirational “by-the-bonfire” title track concerning the passing of a loved one.
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