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Huw Lloyd-Langton

HAWKWIND have spawned and spat out numerous “Friends And Relations”-type space cadets from their revolving-door alumni/academy of musicians, and while Lemmy’s MOTORHEAD crew come top of the heap, others such as the similar LLOYD LANGTON GROUP (or LLG) are worthy pretenders to the throne. Hard-rock supergroup WIDOWMAKER was his port of call on two albums between 1975 and 1977 (“Widowmaker” and “Too Late To Cry”), but the advent of punk rock put paid to any thoughts of any lasting success; they played in support of The WHO, The SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND, LITTLE FEAT, STREETWALKERS and The OUTLAWS at two one-day festivals at Parkhead in Glasgow and Charlton in London.
A psychedelic HAWKWIND warlord from 1969-71, 1979-88, and a brief stint in the early 00s, until Legionnaires’ disease forced him out, guitarist/vocalist Huw (born Richard Hugh Lloyd-Langton, 6th February 1951 in Harlesden, London) was a stalwart songsmith, proving his worth on half the tracks on the outfit’s Top 30 comeback set, “Levitation” (1980). While maintaining his lengthy association with HAWKWIND (and STEVE SWINDELLS), the inevitable solo/band excursions from The LLOYD LANGTON GROUP, started to emerge in the shape of – what he himself described as – a bootleg record, OUTSIDE THE LAW (1984) {*4}.
NIGHT AIR (1985) {*5}, LIKE AN ARROW (1987) {*5}, and TIME SPACE AND LLG (1988) {*5}, surfaced without much fuss outside the circle of Hawkfans, while the following decade saw another triumvirate of sets in ELEGY (1991) {*6}, RIVER RUN (1994) {*6} and CHAIN REACTION (1999) {*5}.
Post-millennium, ON THE MOVE (2001) {*6}, HARD GRAFT (2010) {*5} and CLASSICAL GUITAR TALES (2011) {*4}, showed the man’s dexterity, while time spent (2000-2007) as lead axeman with black-metalists, The MEADS OF ASPHODEL, found the man in full flight; a highlight was his performance of HAWKWIND’s `Assault & Battery’ on the combo’s 2001 album, “The Excommunication Of Christ”.
Sadly, after a couple of years fighting cancer, Huw lost his battle with the disease on the 6th December 2012.
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