Like The POP GROUP fused with CAPTAIN BEEFHEART’s “Trout Mask Replica” period, the chaotic and shambling Glaswegian 7-piece MACKENZIES – originally consisting of Gary Weir (vocals), Iain Beveridge (guitar), David Allen (guitar), Pete Gilmour (bass), Paul Turnbull (drums), Peter Ellen (saxophone) and Scott Brown (percussion) – emerged in 1986 on the Ron Johnson-endorsed 7-inch, `New Breed’ (b/w `Dogs Breakfast’). A track first aired on the John Peel Radio Show (alongside `Man With No Reason’, `Give Me Everything’ and `Gobstopper’), the indie-funk septet continued to impress their followers with the 1987-released 12-inch `A Sensual Assault’ (led out by the elasticated rhythms of `Mealy Mouths’); Ann Quinn (percussion) had now replaced Allen.
However, the short-lived act were better known for the funk-fuelled guitar-abuse of `Big Jim (There’s No Pubs In Heaven)’, their Peely contribution to the celebrated `NME C86’ double-LP. Bassist Graham Lironi was now part of their trimmed MKZ’s, who delivered the `Mealy Mix’ 12”, before disappearing into the ether thereafter; both Turnbull and Lironi re-emerged with mid-90s act, The SECRET GOLDFISH, while the latter reunited with Beveridge to form the short-lived electronica experimentalists Mongoose. Fellow Scots BIS paid tribute to the MACKENZIES by sampling `New Breed’ on their minor hit, `Action And Drama’.
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