Often overlooked in the fickle world of Scottish indie acts, MONGOOSE were the guise of former members of MACKENZIES/MKZ’s: Iain Beveridge and Graham Lironi; the latter once bassist for The SECRET GOLDFISH, alongside younger singing sister Katy McCullars (ex-FIZZBOMBS).
Part of the Creeping Bent Records roster until the label fizzled out, MONGOOSE delivered a couple of shared singles: `Sanitise Me’ and `Subvert Normality’, flipped respectively alongside fellow Caledonian combos Element and Scientific Support Dept.
Their one and only album, LO-LE-VEL {*6} – scratched by Creeping Bent in 2000, but resurrected by Danes, Realler Records (2003) – gained some attention from radio shows and music critics alike who were all baffled by the sudden switch from their once indie experimental/pop roots. They were described lazily in some circles as the Scottish CABARET VOLTAIRE.
Born in Bellshill, Lanarkshire in 1964, Graham (brother of producer Stephen Lironi), decided to abandon this electronic collective for a “proper” job in PR, gratefully accepting a co-director role (alongside Susan Christie) at Liquorice Media in Glasgow after several years in journalism. Still impassioned by music and the business, he still fronts a band, The Motherwell Swimmers, although acoustic country-folk is their forte. Graham published his third cult novel (Oh Marina Girl) in April 2015, having already garnered respect for his first two: The Bowels Of Christ and Candyfloss Martyrs.
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