Nick Pickett

Born in London, in October 1949, but raised in Somerset, “cosmic-folk” singer-songwriter and self-taught guitarist NICK PICKETT was a product of the folk and blues scene, having been part of JOHN DUMMER’s Famous Music Band for a half-year period in the late 60s. His time with the blues outfit resulted in at least one revered composition, the continental smash hit `Nine By Nine’, which garnered sales of around 250,000.
At the suggestion of blues legend PETER GREEN, who’d just extracted himself from the original FLEETWOOD MAC team to go solo, Reprise Records (though manager Clifford Davis) signed up PICKETT on a short-term deal. SILVERSLEEVES (1972) {*7}, was delivered after only three days in the studio, such was the intense dexterity of an artist in his prime; while he could pluck a fine 12-string guitar with wah-wah effects, he was also adept on the violin and organ. Issued a few months later than Nick would’ve preferred, and arriving at a time when glam/T. REX et al were all the rage, the record suffered sales-wise. Tracks such as `Me And The Sea’ (complete with ocean noises), `The Road To Rougemont Castle’, `White Rabbit Running On The Seashore’ and flop single `America’ / `Lady Luck’ garnered the non-smoking, teetotal vegetarian some sort of credibility, albeit from collectors who have slowly but steadily made the LP (never released as yet on CD as of 2016) something of a surprise package. Sadly, a subsequent support tour with CURVED AIR, just as they were about to break big, was the last thing one heard from journeyman Nick.
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