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Looking like an “Urban Hymns” RICHARD ASHCROFT, but sounding like a cross between a prime heartland-rock BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, or The WAR ON DRUGS via The KILLERS, the gaunt SAM FENDER had many of the traits to make it big in these days of smash’n’grab political pop/rock music. Whether his chart-topping debut album would be the shape of what was to come, or it was just a lifeline to bolster his intelligent, heartfelt lyrics and beats, Sam had certainly joined the plethora of breakthrough singer-songwriter acts spinning out of 2019.
Born Samuel Thomas Fender, 25 April 1994, North Shields (nr. Newcastle), Tyne and Wear, England, his father Alan and brother Liam were also in the music business. Teenager Sam was discovered performing in a pub by BEN HOWARD’s manager, however his schooling and TV acting work took precedence whilst he built up the necessary clout and credence to crack the busying music business overwhelmed by former/wannabe X-Factor contestants.
After a couple of limited-edition 7-inch platters that spread his word(s); namely `Start Again’ / `Millennial’, `Greasy Spoon’ / `Play God’ and gig-only `Friday Fighting’ / `Leave Fast’, Polydor Records came a-knocking with the idea of donating the `Play God’ track to fit in to the FIFA 19 video game.
In spring 2018, a tour of Germany, Netherlands and England (in respective support of HOZIER and CATFISH AND THE BOTTLEMEN), reached out to fresh fans aligned to indie type rock/pop, whilst further download singles, `Leave Fast’ (again), `Dead Boys’ (soon a 12-inch EP), `That Sound’, and minor hit, `Play God’, led Sam to a Critics’ Choice Award at the 2019 Brits.
It nearly all turned sour when his vocal cord experienced a haemorrhage, a fact that caused his people to cancel a Glastonbury gig. Indeed the month rest that entailed done the young singer/guitarist a favour, and with a support slot to BOB DYLAN and NEIL YOUNG at Hyde Park (performing firm favourites and glowing hits, `Hypersonic Missiles’, `Will We Talk?’ and `The Borders’), the scene was set to unleash his inaugural album.
Coming so soon after the breakthrough of Scotsman LEWIS CAPALDI, the burgeoning music scene had another top artist on their hands as HYPERSONIC MISSILES (2019) {*8} rocketed to the top of the charts. LIAM GALLAGHER would be impressed enough to sing his praises, and it was certainly refreshing to find that FENDER’s soothing “rock” sound was winning over discerning audiences from the fickle pop market. The aforementioned tracks made their re-appearance alongside some real soaring beauties such as `White Privilege’, `You’re Not The Only One’ and the infectious `Saturday’. Indeed the lad had something to say about today’s troubled times, rather than play silly love songs. America beckons…
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