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Yes, the other two from post-new wave/indie dance act NEW ORDER, the moniker stemming from the fact their colleagues Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook had already moonlighted with their respective outfits ELECTRONIC and REVENGE.
Formed in Manchester, England, 1991 and revived after the Factory Records crash in 1993, by musicians Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris, the pair found time from their hectic domestic life (they were married in ’93) to also get together as a dance-based duo; they’re the proud parents of two daughters, Tilly and Grace. The single `Tasty Fish’ was their first record to surface from the Factory floor in ’91, a nice ’n’ easy start that surprised many when it nearly reached the Top 40. More or less due to NEW ORDER commitments (i.e. the chart-topping `Republic’ set in summer ’93) and to sort out their big wedding day, THE OTHER TWO & YOU {*6} was put back by Centredate-London Records until late ’93. Presaged by another “tasty” minor Top 50 hit, `Selfish’, the album had some nice simplistic touches (`The Greatest Thing’ and `Innocence’ faring best), but electronic music was moving on from the stifling 80s.
More or less at a loose end as NEW ORDER took a long sabbatical, The OTHER TWO continued their dream-pop quest on a sophomore set, SUPER HIGHWAYS (1999) {*6}. Augmented by hi-NRG dance singer Melanie Williams on at least four tracks, including three of the best, `You Can Fly’, `One Last Kiss’ and the superb title track, one can fairly say this was a pleasant surprise if a little twee and EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL-ish.
NEW ORDER called the couple back in 2001 for the “Get Ready” album, although Gillian was duly caught between bringing up the children and the ensuing hectic promo tours; she chose the former option, letting Stephen – an original member which stemmed from his halcyon days in JOY DIVISION – take over as the main bread-winner. As Gillian and Stephen contemplated another stab at duet mini-stardom in 2011, NEW ORDER re-formed again – but, much to his disdain and annoyance, without “Freebass” stalwart Peter Hook.
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