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Somewhat akin to ERASURE (without the allure of Andy Bell) or DEPECHE MODE, the 80s-fixated, openly bisexual Paul Allgood and his various WEDLOCK bridegrooms have been knocking on the door of success since their formation in Richmond, Virginia, in 2004. At this stage, only programmer Jeff Hathaway accompanied the Rasta-locked singer, as they got to work on a couple of synth-pop mini-CDs: `The Matrimony EP’ (2006) and `Cut Both Ways’ (2007); the latter sonic sonet deals with his sexuality.
Known as a bit of a public speaker, visual artist, playwright and author, Allgood was also responsible for a novel, An Inextricable Tale, published in 2006 by Grey Vireo Press; the audio book followed, as did an adapted stage play co-scribed with Lynanne Fowle. Uprooting his Kounterfeit Records enterprise to Durham, North Carolina, Paul enlisted Jonathan “JJ” Kidder (keyboards), Kirk Bryson (bass) and a succession of drummers, including David Mendez and Ana Mitchell.
WEDLOCK’s debut set, EXOGAMY (2008) {*7}, was certainly club-friendly, and with Allgood’s political stance against the Bush administration, tracks such as `Allegiance? WFT?’ and `Dear Diary’ (about the Iraqi invasion), gave the pulsating rhythms meaning and substance. A quadruply of DIY singles/EPs: `Discopharma’, `Rev. Charisma’ (about Reverend Jim Jones), `Black Sundress’ and `Still Unsatisfied’, were the bpm’s among the technoid, hedonistic delights – its only downfall its simplicity.
Together with a fresh batch of friends, Baxter Smith, Lee Whitsel and his Celadon Candy buddy, Jason Bowden (introduced on co-composer duties), CONTINUITY (2009) {*7} shied away from the peppy, 80s R&B, and steered toward a 21st century version of the combo. Star tracks were undoubtedly `Blameless?’ (a track duly presented to Bryanna Rain), the DEPECHE MODE-esque `Emotional Ghost’, the bouncy `Witnesses’ and the swirling `Octagon’.
Pity then that Allgood thought it time to re-evaluate the group’s boundaries, although that stopped him little in providing production for Bryanna, and brief projects 105 Deckowls and the aforementioned Celadon Candy; the latter for two singles/EPs.
WEDLOCK’s so-called hiatus should be over when Exquisite Noise will release material in the near future; Allgood’s newest recruit was Chris Scendo. While one awaited for Paul to finally take his slinky synths beyond dreamy cycles and into the cutting edge of angst-pop, a video download for their `Critique’ EP was unveiled in 2015; once again, ERASURE and the early 80s seemed to be the motivation.
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