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Witthuser & Westrupp

Formed in Munich, Germany in 1970 after Walter Westrupp provided backing on Bernd Witthuser’s solo album, LIEDER VON VAMPIREN, NONNEN UND TOTEN (1970) {*6}; they’d busked together in the mid-60s. Westrupp had also been leader of the Night Reveller Skiffle Group in the second half of the 60s, while Witthuser had been manager of the Podium Folk club. The said album was nothing startling, full of short, sharp, acoustic folk songs that were quickly forgotten, although it is now a collector’s item, especially if you held on to the free gimmick balloon on its sleeve.
In 1971, they were jointly credited on the follow-up TRIPS UND TRAUME {*8}, an exceptional piece of baroque psychedelia, cosmically in tune with British folk-rock counterparts, The INCREDIBLE STRING BAND, and offering such gems as `Orienta’ and the celebrated drug-anthem `Nimm Einen Joint, Mein Freund’.
Now big in the native land, two subsequent albums, DER JESUSPILZ: MUSIK VOM EVANGELIUM (1971) {*7} and BAUER PLATH (1972) {*7}, followed in quick succession, providing more cosmic progressive-rock, but their trip was all over by 1973; both went into respective session/jam projects with SERGIUS GOLOWIN and WALTER WEGMULLER.
Westrupp teamed up with former folk outfit (Kattong) member Frank Baier; as Die Walter H.C. Meier Pumpe, they released two albums in the mid-70s, `Unterwegs’ (Der Andere Song 25795) and `Pumpt Den Skiffle Aus Dem Boden’ (Songbird 1C062-31140). Another, `Dat Muss Doch Auch Wat Spachen Bringen’ as Baier-Westrupp, was issued in 1976 on Plane Records; (S 66601); Witthuser became the latter half of Otto (Richter) & Barnelli on the LP, `Lage(r)bericht’ (1981). Relocating to Italy, Witthuser delivered a set for the ZYX imprint, ALTE REZEPTE (1985) {*5}; he was now going under the name of street musician Barnelli.
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